Full Military Packaging Services

Would you like a company with 57 years of military packaging experience to handle your military packaging?  Allmilspecpackaging.com is run by Forest City Packaging, founded in 1954 by a former DCMA packaging inspector as a full-service military packaging company.  Rather than buying supplies, stumbling your way through Mil-Std-2073, risking QAR rejections and military depot chargebacks, scratching your head over RFID requirements, and finally fumbling around on WAWF and invoicing the government - Forest City Packaging can be your complete military packager.

We receive your parts from you, minimally packaged to reach us safely.  We package to your contract requirements, have QAR packaging signoff (where necessary), ship to the correct locations, and prepare WAWF documents.  That’s right!  Bid and fulfill military contracts, knowing that once you have sent us the parts, your job is done!  Contact us and we will call you to further explore this relationship.