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Heat sealable bags used in military packaging.

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Chipboard Cartons

Chipboard cartons meeting federal specification PPP-B-566, Variety 1, Style II, Type D, Class A

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Items that are overrun, overstock, aged or custom sizes that are sold and discounted pricing.

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Cushioning and dunnage used in military packaging

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Desiccant and Humidity Indicators

Desiccant meeting MIL-D-3464, Type I and II and 3 spot humidity indicators

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Drums - Military Specification Steel

Reusable metal drums for packaging parts for the military.

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Heat Sealers

Hand held heat sealing equipment used for healing sealing bags per military standards.

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Labels used for different methods of military packaging

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Military Fastpacks

Military fastpacks IAW PPP-B-1672

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Preservatives and lubricating oils

Preservatives and lubricating oils used in military packaging

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Special Services

Special services such as cutting charges

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Tape used in military packaging

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Weather Resistant Cartons

Weather Resistant Cartons meeting ASTM D 5118

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Wood crates and pallets

Wood crates and pallets built to military specifications.

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Wraps used in military packaging

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